Historic Cornwall Jail

General Population Cell

Come to the Historic Quarter of our community to experience the Historic Cornwall Jail. Built in 1834, the Jail operated until 2002 when the Ministry of Correctional Services closed the facility in favor of newer, larger facilities in major cities.



general-population-jail-cell-blockThe cell blocks, common areas, exercise yard and visitation area have been maintained as they were when they were populated by inmates sentenced to jail time. Step right into a cell to experience life behind bars – at least for a few moments. There are stories of prison life from the point of view of the guards as well as the inmates. You’ll also learn about escapes and maybe even a ghost story or two.


inmate-visitation-jail-areaTake a moment to explore this site, learn about the history of the Gaol (that’s how Jail was spelled a hundred years ago!), and get a sneak preview of what a Tour of the Jail will show you!

The Jail is now open to tours! We hope to see you soon! The Historic Cornwall Jail was officially re-opened as a tourist attraction Friday, May 13. Click on the following link to see some photographs of that event.