Historic Cornwall Jail is Haunted

Published on Aug 23, 2016 on Youtube by CogecoTV Cornwall Website


One of the oldest public buildings in Ontario is the Old Cornwall Jailhouse. Built in 1892, it serves as an abode for individuals who have committed felony crimes as well as mentally deranged and murderers. The Cornwall Jail has a courtyard where these people are buried, and it is believed that the spirits of individuals who have been executed still live in that building structure till date.

While on a tour of the Old Cornwall Jail, we were expectant about how the structure of the prison cells and the experience can’t be considered as funny. I was in the visiting region after separating from my close friend. The desire to know the real state of the prison cells and the experience witnessed by the close associates of these detainees who visit them here made me to the side of the telephone which serves as a means of communication whenever they visit. The deafening silence on the phone is terrifying, and this time, I kept the voice of someone calling my name, and I could not see anyone in view. I heard the mention of my name for the second time, and this time, I felt a cold hand around my neck, and I had to run for safety.

When I got tired and stopped to see what could be chasing me, I noticed the image of a man sitting on a stool. This man had big eyes and continued to look at me like he knew me. In the guard’s office, there are three phones; one of these phones is situated in the fire station and another phone to the exercise yard. As a visitor that has visited the exercise yard twice in the company of friends, I knew those phones had been disconnected, and the phone has ranked more than once. Almost everyone who has visited the Cornwall Jail has had a story to tell regarding the appearance of strange images in the living areas and cramped cells. It is believed that the spirits of individuals who have been condemned to die in this place have been haunting visitors each time they come.

An army sergeant named Peter Balco who hails from London Ontario killed his partner whom he met in the Army at Quebec. The couple was on their way from the Dundas County when the unfortunate incident happened. Marie who was a former girlfriend of Peter has just reunited with him, and there was an argument which made Marie leave the vehicle and walked towards Balcombe, a sleepy town and Peter followed her and murdered her in cold blood with a knife. He later dumped the remains of his lover in a ditch. Peter was sentenced to death by hanging after a long time of trial.

Peter Balcombe was the last man to have his body hanged on the gallows thereby joining several people who have been killed and buried in the courtyard of the Cornwall Jail. The kitchen part of the building was known was discovered by the two excavators to have dungeons in the underground part. The underground region has small square rooms that do not have windows. Though these rooms were not confirmed as prison cells, there is a likelihood that they are used as a place of solitary confinement for inmates in the past.

The Cornwall Jail was constructed to serve as a correctional facility for parents whose children are mentally unstable. These kids are left in the custody of the jail keeper who will take care of them for the rest of their miserable lives. Jim Sutherland is a man convicted of petty larceny, and he was thrown into the cell of Cornwall Jail, but his offense was never written. The punishment meted out to Jim was appropriately detailed as he was subjected to torture and thorough beating with fine cord for an hour until his body is filled with blood. A wicked correctional officer named Barnes was responsible for the ill-treatment of Jim Sutherland. Sometimes, Jim will be absent for days and will later show up looking bruised and battered. He will then lose his life in the solitary confinement of the Cornwall Jail.

The Cornwall Jail has its women’s cell constructed on the sand, and there is this paranormal group has the sound of a woman’s voice whispering locket. The general population area is another part of the Cornwall Jail which has grown in numbers over the past few years. This section of the building is renowned for its massive influx of prison inmates and violence. We also visited the courtroom where the fate of one Henry Sagan was decided.

Henry Sagan is a renowned criminal who has been convicted on numerous occasions. He went into Leonard herd’s garage to steal and shot sporadically before running away from the scene. On his execution day, Henry requested to seek the consolation of Father Rudolph Phil. Barely an hour to his execution, Henry died at the feet of Father Vilnius as a result of a dosage of poison he took.

The Cornwall Jail is a place known for enforced confinement and a breeding ground for paranormal activity. Every visitor to this area should be on the lookout for strange sounds and footsteps. If you are fast enough to see, it is possible for you to see images of ghosts in the Cornwall Jail.


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